Actionable Insights With
Smart Alerts

Utilize your data to its fullest potential with personalized insights and alert notifications. With Saufter, you can stay in front of customer traffic and send an immediate alert to your agents to investigate the situation.

Real-time Data

Receive real-time notifications whenever significant alterations or events take place, so you can act quickly

Keep Track of :-

Track the number of interactions that convert into sales

Get up-to-minute updates on customer satisfaction

Measure your team’s ability to handle customer support issues

Know the key reasons for customer returns and refunds and revise your policies accordingly

Keep track of product issues reported by customers in real-time and fix them

Measure the average time taken to resolve tickets

Use the insights to TAKE ACTION

When significant changes or events take place, we send you immediate alerts so you can take immediate action and inform your team.

Notify agent about..

Spike in refunds and order delays
Too many unresolved tickets
Higher than usual volumes

We Cover All Your Support Channels!

Graphs that show your live data on support volume and agent activity

Track the revenue generated from different channels and what interaction converts

Get data on live chat usage, chatbot interaction, response times, types of issues, and more.

Keep track of self-service usage and the number of urgent cases.

Try Saufter today and see the difference!

Saufter is the perfect solution for any business that needs to make sense of their data.