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Self Service

Smart Self-Service. Even Via Social Media.

Empower and delight your customers with 24/7 self service via Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Helplama Is An E-Commerce Specialist

Helplama is the ONLY helpdesk that understands e-commerce customer service workflows completely and automates them. From integrating all customer support channels to scanning your orders for delayed delivery issues and providing proactive customer support, Helplama can help you automate and streamline many crucial e-commerce workflows.

Automate Returns

Helplama Helpdesk allows your customers to initiate returns/exchanges requests on their own anytime and anywhere.

24/7 Order Monitoring

Helplama Helpdesk monitors your orders 24/7 for delayed delivery issues, empowering you to proactively offer customer support and handle the issues before your customers get angry.

Order modification

From editing order quantities to changing other order specifications, your customers can do it all directly

Delivery issues

Helplama Helpdesk scans your orders 24/7 and notifies you immediately upon detecting any late delivery issues.

Address change

Avoid order cancellations by empowering your customers to change shipping addresses after placing an order.

Actionable insights with smart alerts

Get the most out of your data with customized insights and alert notifications. With Helplama , you can stay ahead of the customer traffic and quickly notify your agents to look into the matter

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Operational insights are basically performance measurements of an organization’s operational activities.
We can help you choose the right automation and customize it to suit your needs.
Helplama Helpdesk will monitor your orders 24/7 to make sure none of them get delayed while getting fulfilled or during transit.
Set up automation for the repetitive tasks and leave it to the system
Manage all your support channels – Email, Live Chat, Phone, Facebook, and more from one place.

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