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How to Integrate Saufter with Shopify?

Saufter Helpdesk allows your customers to automatically choose the items they wish to return or exchange, and based on your policies, it allows them to place an exchange order.

Integrating with Shopify is very simple and straighforward.


Step 1 – Navigate to Integrations

You can navigate to integrations by clicking on Settings  and then clicking on Browse Integrations


Step 2 – Click on Shopify

You can now click on Shopify  which is present under the Ecommerce Platforms section

Step 3 – Add your Shopify Store

Click on Add Shopify button to open up the store details popup.

Step 4 – Enter your shopify store url

Enter your shopify store url and press the Connect store button.

Please note that your url should be in the format

Step 5 – Install the Saufter App

Click on the Install unlisted app button on the top right corner to integrate with Saufter.

Step 6 – Congratulation you are integrated with Saufter

If you have followed all the steps correctly, you should be able to see the name of your store inside Saufter.