How To Set Up Shopify Local Pickup: Complete Guide

shopify local pickup

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Shopify local pickup – your go-to resource for seamlessly integrating this game-changing feature into your online store. If you’re keen on enhancing customer convenience and reducing shipping costs, mastering “Shopify local pickup” is the key. Did you know that 66% of consumers prefer local pickup options?

It’s a staggering insight into the growing demand for efficient, localized solutions. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries of setting up Shopify local pickup, empowering you to streamline operations, delight your customers, and boost your business’s bottom line.

Let’s dive in!

shopify local pickup

What is Shopify Local Pickup?

Shopify Local Pickup is a strategic feature designed to empower your Shopify business with enhanced customer flexibility and operational efficiency. At its core, this functionality allows your customers to choose a designated location and time to collect their orders, presenting a convenient alternative to traditional shipping methods.

Even research reports say,

stat - shopify local pickup

By integrating Shopify Local Pickup into your store, you provide customers with the autonomy to decide when and where they retrieve their purchases. This not only aligns with the growing demand for personalized shopping experiences but also offers a practical solution to address their varying schedules and preferences.

In essence, Shopify Local Pickup transforms your physical store or designated pickup points into convenient hubs for order collection. As e-commerce evolves, this feature stands as a key differentiator, emphasizing your commitment to customer satisfaction and streamlining your operational processes.

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Understanding How Does In-Store Pickup on Shopify Work

shopify local pickup

Shopify’s in-store pickup feature seamlessly integrates with your online store, allowing customers to choose a physical location for order collection. See what happens in order:

  1. Customer Selection: Your customers, during the checkout process, can opt for in-store pickup as their preferred delivery method.
  2. Location Confirmation: After selection, customers choose the specific store or pickup point convenient for them.
  3. Order Notification: Once the order is placed, both you and the customer receive notifications confirming the pickup details.
  4. Order Preparation: Your team is alerted to prepare the order for pickup, ensuring it’s ready when the customer arrives.
  5. Customer Pickup: Customers visit the chosen location, present order details, and collect their purchases hassle-free.

Here’s a tip for your Shopify store: when customers want some items shipped and others picked up, they’ll need to make two separate orders. To make things even smoother, if your theme shows pickup availability, customers can check whether a product is up for pickup before tossing it into their cart. It keeps things clear and straightforward, making the shopping experience a breeze for your customers on Shopify.

By grasping this straightforward process, you empower your Shopify business to offer a flexible and personalized shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Dive into this complete guide to set up Shopify local pickup and elevate your online retail game.

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Benefits of Setting Up Shopify Local Pickup

1. Enhanced Customer Convenience

Provide your customers with the flexibility to choose when and where they pick up their orders, catering to their busy schedules.

2. Cost Savings on Shipping

Reduce shipping costs significantly by offering a local pickup option, giving your business a competitive edge in pricing.

3. Faster Order Fulfillment

Expedite the order fulfillment process, ensuring quicker delivery times and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

4. Minimized Environmental Impact

Embrace sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint associated with shipping, aligning your brand with eco-conscious consumer values.

5. Boost in Customer Loyalty

Offer a personalized shopping experience, fostering a sense of community and loyalty among local customers who appreciate the convenience.

6. Increased Conversion Rates

Eliminate shipping-related hesitations, encouraging more visitors to convert into customers, especially those who prefer immediate access to their purchases.

7. Flexible Pickup Locations

Provide customers with multiple pickup locations, allowing them to choose the most convenient spot, whether it’s your physical store or designated pickup points.

8. Streamlined Inventory Management

Optimize inventory control by consolidating local pickup orders, reducing the complexity of tracking and managing shipped items.

By implementing Shopify local pickup, your business stands to gain these significant advantages, ensuring a win-win for both you and your valued customers.

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How to Setup Shopify Local Pickup in Just Three Easy Steps?

Unlock the power of local convenience for your Shopify business by following these straightforward steps.

But, before diving into the setup, there are a few steps to complete:


#1: Confirm Clear Pickup Information

Check your account settings, go to Locations, and confirm that your pickup details, including addresses and store names, are accurate. This ensures a smooth checkout experience, preventing any confusion that might lead customers to abandon their orders.

#2: Enable Pickup Option for Each Store Location

In the Locations section, go to each store’s details and tick the “Fulfill online orders from this location” box. This step is crucial; without it, the local pickup option won’t be accessible to your customers.

#3: Disable Any Pickup Apps Before Setting Up Shopify Local Pickup

Before embarking on the swift three-step process of setting up Shopify Local Pickup, ensure a smooth journey by disabling any existing pickup apps. This step is crucial for seamless integration and optimal performance tailored to your Shopify business.

#4: Optimize Fulfillment Priority for Smooth Operations

Visit the main Location page, and review your Fulfillment priority by clicking “View or edit fulfillment priority.” Confirm the location with the highest stock levels is prioritized at the top, and the one with the lowest stock levels is at the bottom to enhance customer satisfaction and avoid any potential inconveniences.

#5: Ensure Product Availability for Local Pickup

Check your Products in the admin panel to confirm they’re adequately stocked at your locations. If an item is out of stock at a particular location, the local pickup option won’t appear at checkout. Keep your inventory updated to ensure a seamless customer experience.

#6: Grant Adequate Access to Your Packing Team

Ensure any team member responsible for order packing has the necessary access to the POS or Shopify admin. This step is vital to streamline the local pickup process and guarantee efficient order fulfillment.

Important Note: Shopify sets local pickup to be free automatically, and you can’t charge for it. Keep this in mind as you set up your local pickup option.

As you have seamlessly completed the preliminary steps, we can now proceed to the actual setup.

Shopify Local Pickup Setup

Step 1: Access Local Pickup Settings in Your Shopify Admin

Navigate to your Shopify admin dashboard, and for easy setup, click on “Settings,” then choose “Shipping & Delivery,” and finally, scroll down to find the Local Pickup section.

step 1 - shopify local pickup

Step 2: Activate Local Pickup for Your Chosen Location

Select the location you wish to enable local pickup for and simply click on “This location offers local pickup.” In the “Information at checkout” section, pick the anticipated pickup time from the drop-down menu.

shopify local pickup

Step 3: Personalize Pickup Instructions and Save

Likewise, fill in the Pickup instructions with any guidelines you’d like customers to follow, such as maintaining physical distance and noting store timings. Once done, click Save, and voila, Shopify local pickup is successfully enabled.

With that, we have successfully guided you through the basics of Shopify local pickup and the easy steps to set it up in your store. Now let us also refer you to an amazing tool that eases your order management process and simplifies omnichannel e-commerce customer services.

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Shopify Local Pickup – Conclusion

Congratulations on navigating the comprehensive guide to setting up Shopify local pickup. By integrating this feature, you’ve enhanced customer satisfaction and streamlined your order fulfillment process.

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