9 Free Landbot Alternatives You Need To Know!

As per a report published by Business insider, 67%  of consumers have interacted with a chatbot for customer support in the last few years. It clearly shows the growing popularity of chatbots in the communication strategy domain among all businesses. In this scenario Landbot has gained massive popularity as a powerful chatbot builder platform. Though there are several other advanced and free tools are also available in the market nowadays.

Why do we need an alternative to landbot:

While Landbot is a popular and powerful chatbot platform, it has some drawbacks that might lead businesses and individuals to seek alternatives:

  1. Cost: Although Landbot offers a free tier, its pricing plans can become quite expensive as you scale up and require more advanced features. This can be a significant barrier for startups and small businesses with limited budgets.
  2. Limited Free Plan: The free plan comes with restrictions on the number of conversations and certain features, which might not be sufficient for businesses with higher interaction volumes or specific needs.
  3. Complexity for Advanced Features: While Landbot is user-friendly for basic use cases, implementing more advanced features and customizations can be complex and might require a steep learning curve or technical expertise.
  4. Integration Limitations: Landbot offers several integrations, but it may not support all the tools and platforms a business uses. This can create challenges in achieving seamless workflows and efficient processes.
  5. Scalability Issues: For larger enterprises or businesses experiencing rapid growth, Landbot might not scale as efficiently as needed. High traffic volumes could potentially impact performance and user experience.
  6. Customization Constraints: Although Landbot allows for customization, some users might find the customization options limited compared to other platforms. This can be a drawback for businesses needing highly tailored chatbot experiences.
  7. AI Capabilities: Landbot primarily focuses on rule-based chatbots. While it has some AI features, it might not be as advanced as other platforms that specialize in AI-driven conversational agents.
  8. Customer Support: Some users have reported that Landbot’s customer support can be slow or less helpful in resolving issues, which can be frustrating when encountering technical problems or needing quick assistance.
  9. User Experience: While many find Landbot’s interface intuitive, others might find it less user-friendly, especially when managing more complex bot logic or workflows.

These potential negatives highlight the importance of evaluating various chatbot platforms to find the one that best meets your specific needs and constraints.

1. Saufter.io

Ratings: 5/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free, Customizable

Saufter is an advanced chatbot builder platform that allows its users to build AI-driven chatbots as per their requirements which can be used for customer support across all the available channels such as email, social media, live chat and even on their own website.

Key Features:

Multi-channel Integration: It supports integration on all popular platforms like whatsapp, facebook and instagram flawlessly. So that businesses can be easily empowered to be available for their customers everywhere.

Customizable AI Profiles: This feature is to help businesses from various domains help develop customizable chatbots as per their specific industry requirements. 

Analytics and Tracking: Businesses can access conversion tracking and analytics from the dashboard to keep tracking the performance of their chatbot and make changes to it as required. 

Knowledge Base Integration: Businesses can create their knowledge base library for their products or services, so that their customers can get relevant information real-time.

2. Manychat:

Manychat logo

Ratings: 4.6/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free, $15/month for pro pack

Manychat is a chatbot builder platform where businesses can build chatbots and automate their customer interactions. It supports popular social media platforms like facebook messenger, whatsapp, instagram and telegram. These chatbots can be used for communication, lead generation and various other tasks.

Key Features:

  • Automation: It works like a 24 hours active agent on social media. It replies to the messages, comments and mentions across social media to keep your customers engaged.
  • Integration: Easily connectible with tools like CRM Systems, email marketing and ecommerce solution platforms. Which assures an uninterrupted and unified workflow.
  • User-Friendly: There is no need to be a technical expert to create or customize the chatbot. Its plug-and-play templates are made for unlimited customizations and trial and error.

3. Typeform:

Typeform logo

Ratings: 4.5/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free, Paid plans starts from $25/month

Users can build conversational and survey forms using the typeform platform effortlessly.  These conversational flows can increase engagement by delivering one question at a time with attractive visuals.

Key Features:

  • Conversational Interface: Its one question at a time questioning format and appealing visuals keeps the conversation both interesting and engaging for the customers. That increases the chance of completion of the survey with all questions answered.
  • Customizable Templates: By using its wide range of customizable templates users can format the survey form of chatflow according to their use case and brand identity.

4. Collect.chat:

Collect.chat logo

Ratings: 4.7/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free, Paid plans starts from $24/month

It’s a great platform for those who are searching for a no-coding chatbot builder platform. Using collect.chat, users can easily create chatbots able to convert their website visitors into a customer.

Key Features:

  • Drag & Drop Builder: No coding is required to build your chatbot. Just drag and drop some boxes, fill up your answers, design the flow and a few settings. Then, get set and go!
  • Meeting Booking: Its auto integrated calendar and reminder feature helps users to schedule appointments directly from the chatbot.
  • Lead Generation: It is an able lead generator that can convert a random clicker into a potential lead for your sales team.
  • Multi-Language Support: Want to go global and language is a barrier? Don’t worry. Its multi language support feature will take care of communicating with your global audiences.

5. Chatfuel:

Chatfuel logo

Ratings: 4.5/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free trial, plan starts from $14.99/month

The chatbots built on chatfuel platform are capable to integrate with various messaging channels like whatsapp, facebook, instagram and many more. It has an easy to use interface that helps users creating Ai-driven chatbots which can be used to enhance customer interaction.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Conversations: Just engage the AI to provide accurate answers to all the customer queries 24/7. Be available for your customers at any hour of the day with solutions to all their questions.
  • Multichannel Support: Be available at all the messaging platforms that your customer loves to use. The chatbot built on this platform can be integrated with all popular platforms.
  • Customizable Templates: Setup your chatbot quickly using its pre-built templates. It has different templates for different use cases and business domains.
  • Integration Capabilities: Let it be Google sheets, shopify or zapier. It can be integrated anywhere you want it.

6. Drift:


Ratings: 4.4/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free trial, plan starts from $2500/month

Build a chatbot on Drift and leave it on your website to engage with your customers real-time, generating leads and tackle queries from customers 24/7. It can be integrated with various marketing tools which can be helpful to boost sales.

Key Features:

  • Conversational AI: The Ai-powered chatbot delivers human-like interaction. It answers questions, gives recommendations to customers and schedules meetings with the sales team automatically. 
  • Real-Time Notifications: It sends immediate notifications whenever it encounters a high-value potential customer during its interactions. This feature helps the sales team to catch up immediately to that particular customer through live chat or telecommunication.
  • Advanced Routing: Drift can immensely improve your sales efficiency by routing the visitors to the specific representative with whom the visitor should have a conversation.
  • Conversational Landing Pages: This feature directs visitors directly into a conversation from an ad they click. This is a great way to convert an ad traffic into a lead or may be a customer, also businesses can make good ROAS (Return on ad spend) through this feature.

7. Chatbot:

chatbot logo

Ratings: 4.4/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free trial, plan starts from $52/month

ChatBot is a simple and intuitive chatbot builder platform that allows its users to build chatbots without any coding, by using its drag and drop feature. By this it simplifies the complexities of building and deploying a chatbot.

Key Features:

  • No-Code Chatbot Builder: No need to hire a high paying software developer to integrate a chatbot onto various platforms for your business. Now you can do it by yourself by using the chatbot platform and start enhancing your customer interaction process.
  • Customizable Chat Widget: Add a chat widget to your website that matches and compliments your brand’s identity. You can easily customize the color, theme and appearance of your chat widget with chatbot’s customizable widgets feature.
  • Chatbot Testing Tool: You can run a testing of your chatbot within the platform before going live with it, also you can do it every time you do any customization.
  • Prebuilt Templates: You can get a number of chatbot templates from their library to match your use cases. Let it be customer service, sales or marketing.

8. Tawk.to:

Tawk.to logo

Ratings: 4.5/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free

Tawk.to is a completely free platform for chatbot building and implementing that onto any website or social media messaging platform. Beyond this they also offer additional services like live chat agents at $1 per hour.

Key Features:

  • Ticketing: It raises and manages customer inquiry tickets automatically through its systematic ticket management system.
  • AI Assist: It trains an Ai bot customized according to your needs and preferences to handle complex conversations efficiently on your website.
  • CRM Integration: It allows you to manage all your conversations and access data from a single CRM.

9. Freshchat:

Freshchat logo

Ratings: 4.4/5⭐ 

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start from $15/month

Freshchat is a product of Freshworks. It’s a dedicated Ai-powered chatbot building platform that helps businesses creating and deploying smart chatbots to simplify customer interactions.

Key  Features:

  • Omnichannel Messaging: It can be integrated across multiple channels including websites, mobile apps, social media and other messaging platforms. So be there where your customer is.
  • Integrated Self-Service: You can create a self-service knowledge base to help your customers to get their queries solved fast.
  • Campaign Management: It has a strong and handy feature to create and manage online campaigns to attract potential customers towards your brand.
  • Mobile Apps: You can access your freshchat dashboard from anywhere with freshdesk iOS and Android apps. It makes you stay connected with your customers all the time and from all over the world.

Importance of finding the right chatbot platform:

Finding the right chatbot platform that suits the nature of your business is really very important. There is nothing like a perfect chatbot, a perfect chatbot is a chatbot that meets your expectations and makes your job easier.

However, by using chatbots businesses are projected to save $8 billion in costs​. This statistics definitely highlights the importance of having a chatbot for an improved customer service experience. That’s why adopting a conversational chatbot is a must nowadays, but selecting the right platform is also equally important.


In conclusion, while Landbot is a popular choice, there are numerous free alternatives that offer a range of features to meet various business needs. According to Gartner, by the end of 2024, organizations will see a 30% reduction in customer service costs by deploying conversational agents and chatbots . Therefore, exploring and choosing the right chatbot platform is crucial for enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency.



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