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Elevate your customer web chat experience with Saufter! The ONLY helpdesk software that understands your needs. Empowers you with automation and data-driven insights to streamline your workflows.

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Our Features

Automate E-commerce Workflows

Deliver exceptional self-help services with Saufter’s automated workflows designed especially for eCommerce stores. From tracking order status to generating returns and exchanges, your customers can effortlessly handle various tasks through our live chat widget.

Automatically offer deals and discounts

Answer product questions

Automate returns and exchanges

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John Doe

Sales, ACME inc.

5+ Years of experience in Gent’s Fashion​

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Sales, ACME inc.

5+ Years of experience in Ladie’s Fashion

Recruit Experienced Agents In One-Click

Need humans to back your live chat support?

Simply visit our e-commerce marketplace to discover experienced and vetted customer service professionals who are ready to support your business. Most importantly, you can test the agents based on YOUR past customer interactions and hire them only if the results are satisfactory.

Measure Performance and Access Reports in Real-Time

With Saufter’s real-time dashboard, gain valuable insights into your live chat support operations. Monitor key metrics like volume, response time, tags, and customer feedback. Easily access up-to-the-minute reports updated in real-time and optimize performance to deliver exceptional customer services.

Seamless Omni-Channel Communication With Saufter

Don’t stop at web chat! With Saufter, seamlessly connect other channels including phone, SMS, email, and popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Easily communicate with your team by adding the collaboration app, Slack.

Moreover, integrate with messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Here’s what our clients say about Saufter:


Yes, the live chat window in Saufter is fully customizable. So, you can align it with your brand’s look and feel. Customizable options include:

Modifying the color scheme

Selecting a suitable pre-built chat widget theme

Uploading your brand logo

Positioning the chat widget

Changing the language

We offer flexible pricing options tailored to your specific needs. For more details about our features and to discuss pricing options, please visit our pricing page or contact our sales team by signing up.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The agent’s email address cannot be changed directly in Saufter. However, there is a simple process to update the email address. 

If an agent needs to change their login email, the owner or administrator can easily add a new agent account with the desired email address in the Agents section. Once the new account is set up, the old email account can be safely deleted. 

In case you are the owner and wish to change your own login email, you can create a new agent account with the new email. Then, transfer the ownership to the new account before removing the old one.

Integrating your email accounts with Saufter is a breeze. Our Helpdesk platform enables you to effortlessly connect multiple email accounts to a single shared inbox so your support team can efficiently respond to all of your customer inquiries.

Email integration with Saufter is achieved through a simple forwarding process.

Yes, in most cases, live chat involves real human agents. Basically, live chat serves as a 1 on 1 communication channel between customers and the company’s representatives. 

While some businesses may utilize automation initially for basic queries, a service should deliver person-to-person interactions if advertised as live chat.

At Saufter, we prioritize genuine human interactions to ensure exceptional customer support experiences. Thus, you can rest assured that you will have the opportunity to engage with a human agent who can assist you promptly and effectively.