Top 12 Free Shopify Alternatives You Should Know!

free shopify alternatives

Are you on the hunt for cost-effective free Shopify alternatives that won’t break the bank?

Look no further, because in this article, we’ve got the inside scoop on the top 12 free Shopify alternatives that you need to know about.

According to a recent survey by Statista, e-commerce sales are projected to reach a staggering $5.6 trillion by 2027.

With the ever-expanding online marketplace, finding the right platform for your business is crucial. So, let’s dive into the world of e-commerce and explore these fantastic Shopify alternatives that won’t cost you a dime!

1. WooCommerce

free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4.4 

WooCommerce, your Shopify alternative, offers a hassle-free setup, flexible customization, and thousands of plugins to supercharge your e-commerce site.

Plus, it won’t break the bank, thanks to its free core features and robust community support.

Key Features

    • Customization: Customize your online store to match your brand’s unique identity and requirements.
    • Wide Range of Plugins: Access thousands of both free and premium plugins to extend your store’s capabilities.
    • Mobile-Friendly Design: Your online store looks and functions seamlessly on mobile devices too.

2. BigCommerce

bigcommerce - free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4.2

BigCommerce is a user-friendly Shopify alternative that makes setting up, managing, and scalability of your online store a breeze.

It’s known for its multi-channel selling, SEO-Friendly, robust security, and more to expand your reach across different platforms.

Key Features

    • Scalability: A flexible choice, suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises.
    • Responsive Templates: Offers a variety of responsive and customizable templates that look great on any device.
    • Multi-Channel Selling: Sell your products on various online marketplaces and social media platforms.

3. Magento

free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4

If you’re seeking a Shopify alternative with extensive features and customization options, Magento is a powerful e-commerce platform worth considering.

Magento is a robust open-source e-commerce solution trusted by businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

    • Multi-Store Management: Manage multiple online stores from a single admin panel.
    • SEO Optimization: Magento includes built-in SEO tools to enhance your store’s visibility in search engines, helping attract more organic traffic.
    • Advanced Marketing and Analytics: Utilize sophisticated marketing features and in-depth analytics to understand customer behavior, create targeted campaigns, and boost sales.

4. Prestashop

prestashop - free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4.3

In your quest for an e-commerce solution that caters to your specific needs, PrestaShop emerges as a compelling alternative to Shopify.

With an emphasis on customization, scalability, and SEO-driven success, PrestaShop opens the doors to a dynamic e-commerce journey that is uniquely yours.

Key Features

    • Seamless Growth: Regardless of your business’s size or ambition, this platform can accommodate your evolving catalog and increased traffic.
    • Community and Marketplace:  Gain insights and support from a thriving PrestaShop community. Explore a marketplace brimming with themes and modules to elevate your store’s functionality.
    • Security at the Core: PrestaShop is committed to safeguarding your customer data, ensuring every transaction is safe and secure.

6. Volusion

volusion - free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4

Volusion provides a unique blend of features of a CRM system, integrated payment gateways, cart recovery tools, social media integration, and comprehensive reporting to help you succeed in the online retail space.

Key Features

    • Built-in CRM: In-built CRM system to manage customer information, track interactions, and provide personalized shopping experiences.
    • Integrated Payment Gateways: Multiple payment gateway integrations that let your customers complete transactions through their preferred payment method.
    • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Recover potentially lost sales by sending automated emails to customers who abandoned their shopping carts.

7. OpenCart

opencart - free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4.3

OpenCart has special features to handle multiple stores and lots of products and also lets your customers buy without making an account. You can sell digital stuff too. It’s good for businesses with specific needs and can be a great Shopify alternative.

Key Features

    • Guest Checkout: First-time buyers can also buy without making an account.
    • Downloadable Products: Ideal for digital goods, OpenCart supports the sale of downloadable products like e-books, software, and more.
    • Affiliate Program: You can set up an affiliate program to collaborate with marketers who promote your products and earn commissions on sales.

8. Squarespace

squarespace - free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4.7

Squarespace emerges as a distinct option when seeking an alternative to Shopify with a focus on design and user-friendliness. It is a website builder that also offers e-commerce capabilities, making it a versatile choice for those who value aesthetics and simplicity.

Key Features

    • Drag-and-Drop Website Builder: Build and edit your website without needing coding skills.
    • E-commerce Features: Includes product listings, inventory management, secure payments, and order processing.
    • Integrated Blogging: Redefine your content marketing efforts by creating and sharing valuable content with your audience.

9. X-Cart

xcart - free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4.2

Looking to create a multi-seller marketplace that also offers customizable products and a diverse range of promotional strategies? X-Cart can be an excellent choice for you. Check out below, why.

Key Features

    • Multi-Vendor Marketplace: Allows multiple sellers to operate within a single marketplace.
    • Advanced Product Options: Customize products with various attributes, such as size, color, and more.
    • Robust Promotions and Discounts: Design and promote a variety of discounts, including volume-based pricing, loyalty programs, and coupon codes, to attract and retain customers effectively.

10. Square

square - free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4.4

Square’s core features include comprehensive payment processing, a seamless transition between in-person and online sales, and more. These capabilities make Square an appealing Shopify alternative if you are looking for an integrated platform that simplifies various aspects of your e-commerce operations.

Key Features

    • Payment Processing: Facilitates diverse payment methods for secure transactions.
    • Unified Sales Experience: Seamlessly integrates both in-person and online sales.
    • Efficient Inventory Management: Offers tools for tracking and managing inventory.

11. Big Cartel

big cartel - free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4

Big Cartel is an e-commerce platform specifically designed for independent artists, makers, and small businesses to sell art, handcrafted goods, clothing, and more such unique products.

Key Features

    • User-Friendly Setup: Big Cartel simplifies the process of setting up and managing online stores.
    • Inventory Management: Streamline product listings and stock level tracking as a breeze.
    • Customizable Storefronts: Personalize your store’s design and layout to match your brand’s unique style.

12. Weebly

free shopify alternatives

Rating: ⭐4.3

Out of all the free Shopify alternatives, Weebly is a user-friendly choice. Even the free basic plan of Weebly includes necessary e-commerce features facilitating you to kick start your online business, without breaking the bank.

Key Features

    • App Center: Weebly provides an App Center with a variety of apps and plugins to enhance your store’s functionality.
    • Built-In SEO Tools: Optimize your content, meta tags, and more to attract organic traffic and potential customers.
    • Membership and Subscription Capabilities: Devise and manage premium membership or subscription-based services and recurring plans.

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Key Features

    • Self-Service: Empower your customers to initiate returns/exchanges, and make order modifications, on their own.
    • 24/7 Order Monitoring: continuously scans all orders, detects any shipping hiccups, and sends alerts your way.
    • Returns Management: Minimize refunds with clever anti-refund strategies, like offering deals and collecting reasons for returns/refunds.
    • Automated Agent Training: Learns from past chats and helps train & test your agents for even better service.
    • Actionable Insights: Make informed decisions with valuable insights into team performance, customer satisfaction, refund trends, etc.

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Choose the Ideal Tool from Free Shopify Alternatives

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