How To Add Discount Code On Shopify [Ultimate Guide]

how to add discount code on shopify

Presenting you today, the ultimate guide on how to add discount code on Shopify!

If you are looking to enhance your Shopify store’s allure and drive sales, look no further than this comprehensive guide. Here, we’ll take you through the steps, making it a breeze to offer irresistible deals to your customers.

Did you know that a whopping 91% of shoppers seek out digital coupons before finalizing an online purchase?

Well, get ready to become their ultimate source of savings.

Benefits of Adding Discount Code on Shopify

These are the key benefits of adding discount codes on Shopify.

  1. Boost Your Sales – Increase conversion rates and revenue.
  2. Enhance Customer Loyalty – Build long-term relationships with satisfied customers.
  3. Attract New Customers – Capture the attention of bargain-hunting shoppers.
  4. Promote Product Awareness – Showcase specific products for increased visibility.
  5. Competitive Edge – Stay ahead of the competition with attractive prices.
  6. Marketing Opportunities – Utilize discount codes in your marketing strategy for traffic and engagement.

Let’s now dive into this step-by-step journey and transform your Shopify store into a discount code powerhouse!

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How to Add Discount Code on Shopify – Step-by-Step

Before we dive into the process, there are a few key points you should be aware of.

Factors to Keep in Mind Prior to Adding Shopify Promo Codes

    • Code Count: A Shopify coupon code can apply to as many as 100 distinct customers, items, and variants.
    • Codes Limit: Your store can have a maximum of 20,000,000 unique Shopify discount codes.
    • Code Name: Stick to plain characters when naming discount codes to ensure they work seamlessly with your store’s checkout URL.
    • Order Eligibility: Each product in an order qualifies for a single discount only. When multiple discounts apply, the system will use the most favorable one for the customer’s cart, but they can’t be stacked.
    • Combining Codes: You can combine up to 5 compatible discount codes in a single order.

With all these factors checked, move on to the process.

Five Easy Steps to Add Discount Code on Shopify

We’ll explain how to create each type of discount code in the sections below. Also, you’ll learn how to make a coupon code that can be combined with others, giving your customers extra savings.

To begin, go to your Shopify dashboard and click on Discount Settings. Then, choose the discount code types and enter your promo code.

Step 1: Select Discounts, and then choose the Create Discount button.

how to add discount code on shopify

Step 2: Pick the types of discounts.

code types - how to add discount code on shopify

Step 3: Complete the necessary information.

Step 4: Determine the desired discount categories for the combination.

    • Check Active Discounts – Tick the provided number to access a list of existing discounts. This list can be combined with the chosen discount if the selected discount combination category has active offers.
    • Create Future Combinable Discounts – If no active discounts are available to combine with the current one, establish new discounts for future combination use.

how to add discount code on shopify

Step 5: Hit Save.

So, when should you enable discount combinations?

Let’s consider an example:

Suppose you’ve configured Shopify to apply a 25% discount to a specific product group and you want it to work in conjunction with a free shipping discount code. In this case, you need to ensure that both discounts are set to combine with each other’s discount class. This involves adding the shipping discount to the product discount and vice versa.

In the upcoming sections, we’ll demonstrate how to add discount codes to the Shopify checkout, categorized by type.

Steps to Add Discount Code on Shopify by Type

I) How to Add Discount Code on Shopify – By Product

Step 1: To begin, go to the Discounts section and click on Create Discount. Next, select the discount type as Amount off products.

amount off - how to add discount code on shopify

Step 2: In the Method box, opt for the Discount code, and hit the Generate button to generate a unique code.

how to add discount code on shopify

Step 3: Afterward, input the discount percentage or a specific amount in the value fields. Following that, specify the products or collections to which the discounts should be applied.

add values - how to add discount code on shopify

Step 4: Specify the criteria, including Minimum purchase requirements, Customer eligibility, and Maximum discount uses.

fill details - how to add discount code on shopify

Step 5: Choose when the discount starts and stops using the calendar. Remember to set an end time; otherwise, the discount will keep going. Then, Save your settings.

II) How to Add Discount Code on Shopify – By Order

Step 1: Head to the Discounts section, click on Create discount and pick the discount category: Amount off order.

how to add discount code on shopify

Step 2: Opt for Discount code in the Method box, and then push the Generate button to create a one-of-a-kind code.

generate - how to add discount code on shopify

Step 3: Type in the discount amount customers will get, which you can find in the Discount Value section after choosing either Percentage or Fixed Amount (for a dollar-off discount).

how to add discount code on shopify

Step 4 & Step 5: Follow the same steps as in the previous section.

III) How to Add Discount Code on Shopify – By Free Shipping

Step 1: This time, tap on Free shipping from the same section mentioned in the previous two types.

free shipping - how to add discount code on shopify

Step 2: Press the Generate button to generate the Freeship discount code.

how to add discount code on shopify

Step 3: Pick the countries where you wish to make the free shipping offer available from Browse.

how to add discount code on shopify

Tap on the Exclude shipping rates over a certain amount and set the highest shipping cost you’ll cover in your offer to avoid free shipping for high-cost items.

Step 4: Specify conditions.

set conditions - how to add discount code on shopify

Step 5: Again, set Active Dates and Save, same as above.

how to add discount code on shopify

IV) How to Add Discount Code on Shopify – Buy X Get Y

Step 1: Visit the Discounts section for Buy X Get Y type as well.

buy - get - how to add discount code on shopify

Step 2: Proceed with step 2 to generate codes for discounts on orders or products.

Step 3: Configure the Customer Buys and Customer Gets sections.

how to add discount code on shopify

Specify the products customers need to buy to get the offer in the Customer Buys section. Enter the minimum quantity required for the discount, especially if it applies to all store items.

If your discount applies to specific products or collections, sort out the items and determine the quantity. Decide whether the second item will be free or discounted.

Step 4 & Step 5: Repeat the exact.

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Next, let’s explore how you can effectively market and promote the discount codes in your Shopify store.

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Promoting Your Shopify Store’s Discount Codes

You can try the following top 5 strategies for marketing and promoting your Shopify store’s discount codes:

  1. Leverage Social Media: Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your discount codes with a wider audience.
  2. Email Marketing: Send newsletters to your subscribers, featuring exclusive discount offers to keep them engaged.
  3. Partner with Influencers: Collaborate with social media influencers or bloggers to showcase your discounts to their followers.
  4. Run Limited-Time Offers: Create a sense of urgency by offering flash sales or time-limited discounts.
  5. Abandoned Cart Recovery: Use discount codes to recover abandoned carts and motivate customers to complete their purchases.

As you prepare to learn how to add discount codes on Shopify and promote them effectively, let us dive into the key practices that make your discounts engaging and successful.

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Creating Effective Discount Codes on Shopify

  1. Clear and Catchy Codes: Craft memorable and relevant discount codes for easy customer use.
  2. Set Clear Expiry Dates: Create a sense of urgency by providing clear expiration dates for your discounts.
  3. Targeted Discounts: Customize discounts for specific customer segments or product categories to maximize their impact.
  4. Minimum Purchase Requirements: Encourage higher spending by implementing minimum purchase thresholds for discount qualification.
  5. Customer Restrictions: Use eligibility criteria to attract new customers and reward loyal ones with exclusive discounts, enhancing customer loyalty.

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Mastering How to Add Discount Codes on Shopify

As we conclude our “How to Add Discount Code on Shopify [Ultimate Guide],” you’re now equipped to boost your e-commerce success using discounts.

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Crafting effective discount codes and optimizing your Shopify store is the first step toward creating a thriving e-commerce business. Best of luck on your journey to success!



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