How To Easily Transfer Domain To Shopify [Only Guide]

transfer domain to shopify

Looking to transfer domain to Shopify and take your online business to the next level?

If you’ve decided to switch to the Shopify platform, you’re in good company.

In fact, according to BuiltWith, over a million websites worldwide are currently powered by Shopify, making it one of the leading e-commerce solutions.

Now, it’s time to ensure a seamless transition and make your mark in the e-commerce universe. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to effortlessly transfer your domain to Shopify.

Say goodbye to the complexities and uncertainties, and say hello to a smoother online journey.

Why Do You Need to Transfer Domain to Shopify?

First, you need to know the benefits of transferring your domain to Shopify.

  • Enhance Credibility: Boost your online store’s trustworthiness by aligning your domain name with Shopify’s reputable e-commerce platform.
  • Improved SEO: Leverage Shopify’s SEO-friendly features to enhance your website’s visibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Access to Powerful Tools: Unlock a range of marketing and e-commerce tools that Shopify offers to help you grow your business more effectively.
  • Responsive Mobile Design: Ensure that your online store is mobile-friendly, catering to the increasing number of mobile shoppers.

Next, we will start the step-by-step process of transferring the domain.

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How to Easily Transfer Domain to Shopify

What Should You Consider When Transferring Your Domain to Shopify?

Before we begin, you need to check out the following prerequisites:

    • Annual Hosting Fee: Shopify hosts your domain for an affordable $14 per year.
    • No Server Name Change: When you transfer your domain, the server name remains unchanged.
    • Registrar Policy Support: Ensure your current domain name registrar’s policy allows domain transfers.
    • 60-day Eligibility: Your domain must be registered for more than 60 days to be eligible for transfer.
    • 12-Month Registration: Plan to register your domain on Shopify for the upcoming 12 months.
    • Essential Access Requirements: You need access to your domain provider account and the email you use to log in.
    • Confirmation Emails: Be ready to track and respond to important confirmation emails during the transfer process.
    • Email Hosting Requirements: To have email forwarding, you must use a third-party email hosting service since Shopify does not offer email hosting services for your email account.
    • Up to 20 Days Wait: From initiation, anticipate a wait of up to 20 days for the complete transfer process.

3 Easy Steps to Transfer Domain to Shopify

Step 1 – Check the Domain Provider’s Transfer Policy

Prior to the Shopify domain transfer, ensure you examine your domain provider’s transfer policy. The easiest method to locate this policy is by simply searching ‘transfer domain’ in your domain provider’s help center.

transfer domain to shopify

Step 2 – Get Your Domain Ready for Transfer

#1 Access your account with your domain provider.

#2 Ensure that the email linked to your account is active, as you’ll receive confirmation emails during the transfer process.

#3 Unlock the specific domain you wish to transfer within the settings. Obtain a transfer authorization code from your provider by clicking “Transfer this domain” in the settings.

transfer - transfer domain to shopify

If you face issues during the preparation, reach out to your domain provider or a Shopify development company for help.

Step 3 – Transfer Domain to Shopify

#1 Within your Shopify admin, select “Online Store,” and then choose “Domain“.

#2 Provided this is your initial domain connection to your Shopify store, click “Connect existing domain” and opt for “Transfer in your domain“.

For an already linked Shopify store, simply click on ‘Transfer domain‘ and follow the below steps.

transfer domain to shopify

#1 Enter the desired domain name for the transfer to Shopify, without including ‘www.’ at the beginning.

enter domain - transfer domain to shopify

#2 Choose “Next“, and then opt for “Verify domain“.

verify - transfer domain to shopify

#3 If the domain is ready for transfer, you will see “Domain Unlocked“. Click “Next“. If it shows “Domain Locked,” return to step 2 to ensure your domain is fully prepared for transfer.

#4 In the Verification Code box, enter the authorization code (EPP code) provided by your domain provider.

#5 Select “Next,” then proceed with “Buy and transfer.”

#6 Check your associated email account for your domain as you may receive an email requesting confirmation of these changes.

Once you’ve given your approval for the transfer, it can take up to 20 days for the domain transfer to complete. After that, Shopify will send you an email to confirm the successful transfer of your domain.

Making a domain transfer smooth might seem complex, but with good planning and execution, you can make it easy. Read ahead for some tips to help you have a trouble-free transfer.

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Some Tips for Trouble-free Transfer Domain to Shopify

I. Plan in Advance

    • Check Timing: Ensure your domain is registered for over 60 days before initiating the transfer.
    • Backup Data: Safeguard your website and email data in case of any issues during the transfer process.

II. Verify Your Details

    • Accuracy Matters: Double-check your domain information for any errors before proceeding with the transfer.
    • Up-to-date Contact: Confirm your contact information with the domain provider is current, especially your email address.

III. Check Your Domain

    • Website Functionality: Verify that your website works properly with the new domain on Shopify. Test all links and redirects to ensure they are functioning as expected.
    • Website Settings: Review and adjust your website settings as necessary for the new domain.
    • DNS Records: Assure your DNS records are correctly configured for a seamless transition.

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Seamlessly Transfer Your Domain to Shopify

In conclusion, transferring your domain to Shopify is a pivotal step toward a thriving online business.

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