Automated Customer Service Software That Actually Works!

All In One Helpdesk Software :

Email Integration

Live Chat Integration

Social Media Integration

Shopify Integration

Automated Self Service & Knowledge Base Automation

Set up automation for the repetitive tasks with our customer support automation software and leave it to the system without worrying to keep using manpower to perform the same tasks!

Prebuilt Automation Workflows You Can Customize

Saufter helpdesk comes with several prebuilt workflows for SaaS and eCommerce. Spend 10 minutes customizing and deploying them.

Automated Resolution For Order Delivery Issues

Our smart automation understands where the order is in its journey and offers assistance accordingly. Whether an international order is still in your country or another. And based on several metrics, it decides what the customer should do next.

24/7 Order Monitoring

Saufter Helpdesk scans the orders every day automatically! tracks delayed orders for proactive customer support!

Integrated eCommerce Return & Exchange Automation

Saufter Helpdesk allows your customers to automatically choose the items they wish to return or exchange, and based on your policies, it allows them to place an exchange order.

Why Saufter?

Saufter is one of the best customer service automation solutions out there. Saufter Helpdesk software can prove to be a good fit for your company as it provides you with AI-suggested replies, a smooth ticketing system, and comprehensive reports to measure your agents’ performances. Furthermore, all these features are available at customized pricing plans.

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