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Don’t jump around to find their previous tickets.

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Customer-centric View of User History & Interactions.

If more than one ticket is generated, we will clear out the duplicates.

Automate Follow-ups With Customers!
From pre-purchase inquiries
to urgent issues.

Send automated follow-ups and reduce your team’s workload while increasing their productivity.

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Operational insights are basically performance measurements that help you evaluate your organization’s operational activities.

Our expert team will guide you in selecting and customizing the perfect automation solutions for your business.

Saufter ensures smooth order fulfillment by providing instant trouble alerts. Our advanced monitoring system works 24/7 to keep a close watch on the orders to ensure none of them get delayed while getting fulfilled or during transit.

Set up automated systems to handle repetitive tasks and free up your team’s time.

Manage Your Orders Within The Helpdesk

Create Custom Discounts

Edit Orders

Cancel Orders Or Issue Refunds

Change Shipping Address

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We Serve All Channels

Integrate your email with Saufter to deliver seamless support.

Effortlessly customize and add the live chat widget to your website using Saufter.

Connect with your customers via social media, the new frontier of customer service.

Handle multiple channels with our omnichannel call center software.

Set up self-service portals for repetitive tasks, such as returns/exchanges, tracking order status, warranty claims, login issues, and more.

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